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zeit now demos & zeit now examples

zeit now mono repo demos & examples on github

zeit official demos & examples

zeit official DB denos & examples

glitch and zeit node dev env gotchas

glitch and zeit node dev env gotchas that hit me today were as follows

glitch node dev

  • glitch auto recompiles after you edit every line which can get irritating

zeit node dev

  • glitch doesnt always attach to github so NEVER rereleases for you

workaround !

  • triple check the ANAME / CNAME and TXT dns records
  • then simply wait 20 mins and they might disappear

the BIG bonus of zeit is that you can use YOUR own domain for FREE provided you can get rid of the SSL errors (BTW i hope glitch mktg are reading this)


glitch v netlify v zeitnow let @stackshare help you decide #webdev #nodejs #expressjs #top10

glitch v netlify v surge v zeitnow why not let @stackshare (an alternative to alternativeto.net) help you decide

stackshare even publish their own stack

and plenty of other comparisions and top10s