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oracle linux 7 yum repo info has changed

oracle linux 7 yum repo info has changed

you now need to run

# yum install oracle-softwarecollection-release-el7

to get the extra oracle linux 7 EPEL packages (such as yumex)

if you want to stop YUM auto updating in the background

# yum remove PackageKit

list of extra repos

$ yum list *release-el*
Loaded plugins: langpacks, ulninfo
Installed Packages
oraclelinux-release-el7.x86_64                           1.0-6.el7              @anaconda/7.6
Available Packages
mysql-release-el7.x86_64                                 1.0-2.el7              ol7_latest   
oracle-ceph-release-el7.x86_64                           1.0-2.el7              ol7_latest   
oracle-epel-release-el7.x86_64                           1.0-2.el7              ol7_latest   
oracle-gluster-release-el7.x86_64                        1.0-3.el7              ol7_latest   
oracle-nodejs-release-el7.x86_64                         1.0-3.el7              ol7_latest   
oracle-olcne-release-el7.x86_64                          1.0-1.el7              ol7_latest   
oracle-openstack-release-el7.x86_64                      1.0-2.el7              ol7_latest   
oracle-release-el7.x86_64                                1.0-2.el7              ol7_latest   
oracle-softwarecollection-release-el7.x86_64             1.0-2.el7              ol7_latest   
oraclelinux-developer-release-el7.x86_64                 1.0-2.el7              ol7_latest

to add the extra repos you need yum config mgr

# yum install yum-utils

then you can add an extra repo with

# yum-config-manager --enable ol7_developer_EPEL

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some extra #yum repos for #centos, #orac and #redhat gnu/linux

some extra yum repos for centos, oracleuek and redhat gnu/linux


# yum localinstall epel-release-6-5.noarch.rpm
# yum localinstall ius-release-1.0-14.ius.centos6.noarch.rpm

yum priorities override

you can override yum priorities by using enablerepo to force a yum rpm repo with a lower (higher value) priority to be included for example if epel priority=10 and remi priority=20 you can include packages from the remi yum repo with

# yum check-update --enablerepo=remi

oracle #gnu/#linux 6 #php 5.4 yum repos

oracle #gnu/#linux 6 (& centos 6 & red hat 6) #php 5.4 is available in yum repos provided by remi and webtatic