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microsoft mcse refresh

is it time for a microsoft mcse refresh

after youve paid for your training you can access it here (using IE or EDGE only)

ms windows 7 and ms windows 10 system repair discs, system image backups and media ids #gotcha

It would seem that ms windows 7 and ms windows 10 backup writes a media id to the System Repair Disc CD/DVD it creates and puts the same media id in the system image subdirectory in WindowsImageBackup\MACHINENAME\ to LOCK the windows System Repair Disc CD/DVD with the USB disk System Image backup/restore disk you are creating.

ie if you lose the original System Repair Disc CD/DVD you CANNOT restore from your USB System Image with a different/new System Repair Disc CD/DVD

Possible workarounds:

  • Always keep MATCHING CD/DVD disc and USB disk drive backups together


  • Install a clean Windows 7 or 10 on target machine
  • Create a NEW System Repair Disc CD/DVD
  • Create a NEW USB System Image
  • Copy MediaId file from NEW USB System Image to OLD USB System Image
  • Boot from new System Repair Disc CD/DVD with OLD USB System Image