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penetration testing with @kali #gnu/#linux and @patervamaltego #maltego #datamining #visualiser

penetration testing with opensource @kali #gnu/#linux and opensource @patervamaltego #maltego #datamining #visualiser

website monitoring with @freesitestatus, @monitis and @pingdom (one site only)

website monitoring with @freesitestatus, @monitis and @pingdom (one site only)

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windows 10 enterprise CB or windows 10 enterprise LTSB releases #sysadmin ?

windows 10 enterprise cb or windows 10 enterprise ltsb

seems to be a similar idea to the ubuntu regular (CB) and ubuntu long term support (LTS) releases so if you choose a non lts or non ltsb releases you will get newer (and less stable) features more often and more quickly

for production use id always stick with a LTS or LTSB release