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run a @mysterium #vpn node on your @raspberry #pi and earn #etherium – #devops #devsecops #netadmin #sysadmin

run a @mysterium #vpn node on your #pi and earn #etherium


wireguard – yet another open source vpn

wireguard – yet another open source vpn

WireGuard securely encapsulates IP packets over UDP. You add a WireGuard interface, configure it with your private key and your peers’ public keys, and then you send packets across it. All issues of key distribution and pushed configurations are out of scope of WireGuard; these are issues much better left for other layers, lest we end up with the bloat of IKE or OpenVPN. In contrast, it more mimics the model of SSH and Mosh; both parties have each other’s public keys, and then they’re simply able to begin exchanging packets through the interface.

YOU can help rewire the internet so it’s faster, freer, safer and more accessible for all by using @TAILS and @MYSTERIUM #blockchain #netadmin #privacy #security #vpn

YOU can help rewire the internet so it’s faster, safer and more accessible for all by using TAILS and MYSTERIUM




wow @snyk now automatically creates PRs to fix your @github projects

wow @snyk now automatically creates branches and PRs to fix your @github projects

just connect your @github account to @snyk and they will automatically create PRs to remove vulnerabilities in your code !



Software Composition Analysis (SCA) apps from @synksec and @whitesourcesoftware

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) apps from @synksec and @whitesourcesoftware

If you want to detect vulnerable dependencies in your GitHub project with snyk you will need to make sure your project has a manifest file so snyk can decide what frameworks you are including.

To get proper test results and create Snyk projects, at least one of the relevant manifest files must be present in the tested folder (CLI), repository (SCM) or app (serverless).

You get a great report showing you issues in your projects

You can also connect Snyk to BitBucket, Docker and GitLab



the latest IBM Red Hat RHEL 8 gnu/linux distro will have crypto hardening #syadmin #security


starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 you may be able to defend against these attacks with our newly introduced system-wide crypto policy. This policy is included with the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 beta.

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last nights @linuxinginldn #linuxinginldn #linuxinginlondon #devsecops talks from @skillsmatter on @vimeo

last nights @linuxinginldn #linuxinginldn #linuxinginlondon #devsecops talks from @skillsmatter on @vimeo

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