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unsplash photos for everyone from @unsplash #webdesign #webdev (sort of #ccbysa)

unsplash photos for everyone from @unsplash #webdesign #webdev (sort of #ccbysa)

Content type
We currently only accept original photos. We do not accept screenshots, in-game captures, composite art, digital art or any other form of non-photographic image.

Photos meet the minimum size requirement of 5 megapixels.
For a standard landscape orientation photo, 5 megapixels is at least 2500 by 2000 pixels in size.

Unsplash Photo standards.
We don’t accept unclear photos, photos containing excess noise, ‘spotting’ (marks made by water or dirt on the lens at the time the photo was taken), selfies, or shots taken on extreme angles.

Photos are original.
We do not accept composite images on Unsplash. A composite is an image that has been created using multiple photos.

Street-Level OSM MapBox Mapillary 360 Photos for Everyone

Street-Level OSM MapBox Mapillary 360 StreetMap Photos and Mobile Apps for everyone

Face blur and number plate blur are automatically applied !

Tutorial of how to use Mapillary photos with iD editor to edit OpenStreetMap.