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an @algorand #blockchain #quickstart

algorand #blockchain #quickstart

algorand playground

algorand community

which #ide will you use today ? #beatthevirus #webdev

which #ide will you use today ? #beatthevirus #webdev



  • eclipse.org

oracle jdeveloper

apache / oracle netbeans

oracle sql developer

visual studio community

vscode (not to be confused with visual studio community (see above))

visual studio package options

oracle cloud oci linux & node & theai install

install theai prereqs (as root)

# yum install gcc
# yum install gcc-c++
# yum install nodejs
# npm -g install yarn

build theia

$ mkdir mytheia
$ cd mytheia
$ vi package.json 
$ # (C&P from https://theia-ide.org/docs/composing_applications)
$ yarn # will autoinstall everything from your package.json
$ yarn theia build (takes approx 400 seconds)

start theia

$ cd mytheia
$ nohup yarn theia start &

create a SSH tunnel from your local PC to remote OCI

$ ssh -L 3000:localhost:3000 opc@my.oci.vm -N &

open http://localhost:3000

node theia ide quickstart

theia quickstart instructions (including installing nvm node etc etc)

theia full instructions

develop on the cloud with eclipse ide che, codenvy, fabric8 and openshift

develop on the cloud with eclipse ide che, codenvy, fabric8.io and openshift.io