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free @git resources from @sitepoint

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git unmerge (local)

lets say you locally merged another branch into yourbranch but changed your mind BEFORE you pushed it

to unmerge you will need to switch to another branch, delete yourbranch then checkout yourbranch

git checkout anotherbranch
git branch -D yourbranch
git checkout yourbranch
git pull


git and git projects subdirs

if you want to work with git with two projects in two subdirectorys you need to set BOTH git-dir and work-tree

$ git --git-dir=subdir1/.git --work-tree=subdir1 status -s
$ git --git-dir=subdir2/.git --work-tree=subdir2 status -s

git commands

some fun git commands

$ git show-branch
$ git show-branch -a
$ git show-branch -r
$ git show-branch --more=4

$ git diff --stat origin/master
$ git diff --stat commit1 commit2

$ gitk