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how to repurpose the @VMware #photonos @foldingathome #VM to run the newer @infrabuilder @foldingathome @docker image @lamw #beatthevirus #solvethevirus #iamoneinamillion

how to repurpose the @VMware #photonos @foldingathome F@H 7.4.4 (2014) #VM to run the newer @infrabuilder foldingathome F@H 7.5.1 (2018) @docker image

Run Oracle VirtualBox and start the VMware Photon OS FAH VM

Hack root password and login as root

Enable and start docker

# systemctl enable docker
# systemctl start docker

Create a user and add to docker group

# useradd -m myuser
# usermod -aG docker myuser


Login as user

Test docker

$ docker run hello-world

Pull infrabuilder/foldingathome image

$ docker pull infrabuilder/foldingathome

Run infrabuilder/foldingathome

$ docker docker run -d \
-e USER="" -e TEAM=236450 -e PASSKEY="" -e CPUS=2 \
--name ff infrabuilder/foldingathome

See also a another way to achieve this hack by @lamw