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how to repurpose the @VMware #photonos @foldingathome #VM to run the newer @infrabuilder @foldingathome @docker image @lamw #beatthevirus #solvethevirus #iamoneinamillion

how to repurpose the @VMware #photonos @foldingathome F@H 7.4.4 (2014) #VM to run the newer @infrabuilder foldingathome F@H 7.5.1 (2018) @docker image

Run Oracle VirtualBox and start the VMware Photon OS FAH VM

Hack root password and login as root

Enable and start docker

# systemctl enable docker
# systemctl start docker

Create a user and add to docker group

# useradd -m myuser
# usermod -aG docker myuser


Login as user

Test docker

$ docker run hello-world

Pull infrabuilder/foldingathome image

$ docker pull infrabuilder/foldingathome

Run infrabuilder/foldingathome

$ docker docker run -d \
-e USER="" -e TEAM=236450 -e PASSKEY="" -e CPUS=2 \
--name ff infrabuilder/foldingathome

See also a another way to achieve this hack by @lamw

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) apps from @synksec and @whitesourcesoftware

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) apps from @synksec and @whitesourcesoftware

If you want to detect vulnerable dependencies in your GitHub project with snyk you will need to make sure your project has a manifest file so snyk can decide what frameworks you are including.

To get proper test results and create Snyk projects, at least one of the relevant manifest files must be present in the tested folder (CLI), repository (SCM) or app (serverless).

You get a great report showing you issues in your projects

You can also connect Snyk to BitBucket, Docker and GitLab