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oracle linux 7 network install yum repo gotcha

oracle linux 7 network install yum repo gotcha(s)

if you have a 800×600 screen scroll down to

goto network & hostname (

  • enable network card
  • enable DHCP

then goto installation source and enter

then set software selection to

  • server with gui (and choose KDE if you are running in a low spec environment)

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how to install oracle linux 7 for arm on a raspberry pi 3

how to install oracle linux 7 for arm (aarch64) on a raspberry pi 3 WITHOUT having to sing in and download the oracle linux 7 CD or DVD ISO

get balena etcher

get an oracle 7 image

burn image to SD card

note you won’t even need to uncompress the image or anything like that. Etcher is capable of reading the xz format

boot from SD card





It may be obvious by now that I am a ‘lazy’ ‘ONE pkg person’ for example ive been using Firefox on every home/corp desktop and VirtualBox on every home/corp desktop for many years now !

Yes I know there are OTHER browsers and OTHER hypervisors but I only want to learn ONE tool whatever my hardware platform is !

That is my excuse why my Raspberry Pi’s B/B+ have been gathering dust as i cant face learning a distro (raspbian ?) JUST for ARM. So at OOWLON last week I was shocked to learn Oracle Linux 7 has been available for over 2 years (and that there is a specific oracle yum repo for ARM – apparently AARCH64 means ARM)



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arm #cpu nvidia #gpu jetson nano #ai board #embedded

arm nvidia jetson nano cpu gpu ai board

The small but powerful CUDA-X™ AI computer delivers 472 GFLOPS of compute performance for running modern AI workloads and is highly power-efficient, consuming as little as 5 watts.

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cubox-i everything is small except the price

cubox-i the smallest computer in the world where everything is small except the price