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Welcome back ! @skillsmatter #codenode is back #webdev #mobdev #devops #devsecops #qa #sysadmin #testing

Welcome back ! @skillsmatter #codenode is back #webdev #mobdev #devops #devsecops #sysadmin

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Oracle Developer Meetup – London Feb 19

Phil (aka MP3Monster)'s Blog

Last night was the first Oracle Developer Meetup in London for 2019.  We were very fortunate to have Tomas Langer fly over to talk about the new micro container/framework being developed as an open-source solution by Oracle.

Oracle Developer Meet-up - Tomas Langer presenting on Helidon

Tomas, opened by explaining the evolution of the micro-profile being championed by the Eclipse Foundation who are now the guardians of J2EE also known as Jakarta and how the J2EE and Micro-Profile standards compare (in simplistic terms – micro-profile is J2EE stripped back to be simple and support what is typically needed in a micro-service world).

The presentation then went onto compare Helidon SE and Helidon MP (micro-profile).  What was really pleasing is that with a couple of exceptions everything that Helidon MP can do, can be done in the SE edition, the difference being that for SE you have to implement more code, rather than the auto-magic of annotations, but…

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Think Oracle is just a DB company ? Think again ! @fnproject @graalvm @OracleAPEX @OracleCloud @OracleIOT @OracleJET @OracleLinux

Think Oracle is just a DB company ? Think again !











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NAME.COM DNS gotchas

NAME.COM DNS gotchas

  • if you want to use URL redirects make sure your A records point to
  • if you want to use EMAIL redirects do not click the “ email DNS template”
  • instead just add email redirects and MX3 to MX* will be added automatically