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Testing 40 shades of blue – AB Testing

Iterative Path

The title refers to the famous anecdote about Marissa Mayer testing 40 shades of blue to determine the right color for the links. (Unfortunately I am colorblind, I know just one blue.)

Mayer is famous for many things at Google, but the one that always sticks out – and defines her in some ways – is the “Forty Shades of Blue” episode.

she ordered that 40 different shades of blue would be randomly shown to each 2.5% of visitors; Google would note which colour earned more clicks. And that was how the blue colour you see in Google Mail and on the Google page was chosen.

Thousands of such tests happen in the web world, every website running multiple experiments in a day. Contrary to what most in webapp development may believe AB testing does not have its origins in webapp world. It is simply an application of statistical testing…

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windows 7 users welcomed by linuxliteos 4.8 gnu/linux desktop

windows 7 users welcomed by linuxliteos 4.8 gnu/linux desktop – the free libre open source desktop DESIGNED to help you transition off unsupported windows 7

devto cloudinary articles for webdevs

devto cloudinary image storage and processing api articles for webdevs

glitch and zeit node dev env gotchas

glitch and zeit node dev env gotchas that hit me today were as follows

glitch node dev

  • glitch auto recompiles after you edit every line which can get irritating

zeit node dev

  • glitch doesnt always attach to github so NEVER rereleases for you

workaround !

  • triple check the ANAME / CNAME and TXT dns records
  • then simply wait 20 mins and they might disappear

the BIG bonus of zeit is that you can use YOUR own domain for FREE provided you can get rid of the SSL errors (BTW i hope glitch mktg are reading this)


lifetime hosting wordpress hosting

lifetime hosting wordpress hosting

reseller system admin

reseller direct admin

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