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goog accessibiity outreach and initiatives

goog accessibiity outreach and initiatives

goog morse code keyboard beta

Google has added Morse code input to Gboard — its mobile keyboard app. Currently available in beta, users can customize the Morse code settings to align with their specific needs. It can also be used with Switch Access, allowing you to use the feature with outside devices as well. After switching to the Morse code layout, you’ll then be able to enter text using the dot and dash from Morse code.

a new geocoding api from @opencagedata #geocoding #api #mobdev #webdev

a new geocoding api from @opencagedata #geocoding #api #mobdev #webdev


do not fall for the amazon prime amazon pantry £4 off @amazonuk #fail #scam #ripoffbritain

do not get tricked by the amazon prime amazon pantry £4 off scam

to use your amazon prime amazon pantry £4 off voucher you have to pay £3.99 EXTRA for delivery even if you have just paid £77 for amazon prime !

What Is Amazon Pantry Delivery?

Amazon Pantry is a new benefit for Prime members to shop for low-priced everyday essentials in everyday sizes.

With Amazon Pantry, you pay £3.99 per order, and you can buy as much as you want once you meet the £15 minimum order value.

wierd @amazonuk #associates bug for @morrisons washing powder

wierd @amazonuk #associates bug for @morrisons washingpowder

clicking on the amazon associate link generator link for amazon morrisons washing powder 650g works fine

but when i clicked on the generator for amazon morrisons washing powder 2600g i get the message

this product is one of the Amazon Associates Program Excluded Products. We do not support direct linking to this product. Please direct customers to another product or the category for this product instead.



new (& free) business bank accounts for #smes and #startups

new (& free) business bank accounts for #smes and #startups


webserver market share and how to implement HSTS from @netcraft #sysadmin #security

webserver market share (Jul 19 –  nginx 35%, apache 27%, m$ 14%, goog 2%)

how to implement HSTS (Jul 19 – HTTPS webservers that are vulnerable 95%)

wow @snyk now automatically creates PRs to fix your @github projects

wow @snyk now automatically creates branches and PRs to fix your @github projects

just connect your @github account to @snyk and they will automatically create PRs to remove vulnerabilities in your code !



MS learn – #webdev, #desktopdev and #devops training

MS learn – training