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learn #java with #alice

learn #java with #alice or #bluej or #greenfoot




Software Composition Analysis (SCA) apps from @synksec and @whitesourcesoftware

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) apps from @synksec and @whitesourcesoftware

If you want to detect vulnerable dependencies in your GitHub project with snyk you will need to make sure your project has a manifest file so snyk can decide what frameworks you are including.

To get proper test results and create Snyk projects, at least one of the relevant manifest files must be present in the tested folder (CLI), repository (SCM) or app (serverless).

You get a great report showing you issues in your projects

You can also connect Snyk to BitBucket, Docker and GitLab



VMware Open Source github projects

VMware Open Source github projects

VMware github sites

VMware on twitter

free / low cost / payg audio video conference calls and web meetings from @powwownow and @zoomus


the FREE basic plan has a 40 minutes time limit on meetings with three to 100 total participants.

howto transfer your domains to @cloudflare and pay wholesale prices

howto transfer your domains to @cloudflare and pay wholesale prices

  • get a cloudflare account
  • setup your domains to use cloudflare cdn (by using their nameservers)
  • wait a bit
  • click on option to transfer domain to cloudflare
  • unlock domain on current registrar
  • enter unlock code into cloudflare
  • wait for domain transfer to complete
  • change DNS to point to your servers IP address

NOTE domain redirects are broken on cloudflare so DO NOT use cloudflare unless you have an IP address for your server