Monthly Archives: July 2017 is yet another alt url shortener to but it lets you choose the shortlink


if you are fed up with /ZXF4T3 style short links try that lets you CHOOSE the shortlink for example

unlike where stats are shown by inserting /info/ into the url like on bit.dostats are available by adding a – to the end of the shortlink thus

short url admin pages

OpenSUSE 42.3 was released on Wednesday

Thoughts on computing

I’m a couple of days late to the party.  I had intended to post on Wednesday, but our refrigerator broke so I had more urgent concerns.

The release itself went quite smoothly.  I have not tried to install with the final installer.  But I have installed some of the pre-release versions.  And those went very well.  Most people seem to be installing without problems.

Leap 42.3 is only a relatively small change from 42.2.  It is still at Plasma 5 version 5.8.7.  As I recall, 42.2 was released as Plasma 5.8.2 or 5.8.3, and later updates brought it to 5.8.7.

The main change that I am seeing with the KDE desktop, is that now “konqueror” comes from Plasma 5, instead of being the Plasma 4 version.  However, “rekonq” is still from Plasma 4.  And “Amarok” is apparently from Plasma 4.

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ms my visual studio now gives you access to vse, git repos, agile planning and priority forums

ms my visual studio now gives you access to visualstudio developer essentials, git repos, agile planning and priority forums

amazon are finally shutting down the entire amazon astore feature

amazon are finally shutting down the entire amazon astore feature (they stopped you creating new astores in 2015) they now recommend you switch to the official Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin for WordPress

my amazon astores used to look like this 2017-07-08 09-46-06

but now

all these links will just redirect to


intel are running a webserver on your pc at localhost:16992 (using intel me mei amt rpat)

intel are running a webserver on your intel core vpro, i5, i7, i9 “business” pc at localhost:623 and localhost:16992 (using intel me mei amt rpat)

just browse to http://localhost:623 or http://localhost:16992 on your “business” pc now

pc’s based on intel “consumer” chipsets should not be affected and you will see NOTHING but on DELL OptiPlex, LENOVO ThinkPad and HP EliteBook “business” PCs you may see the text “INTEL ACTIVE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY”

intel me mei

if so you may want to keep reading

2011 – all about intel me mei amt and rpat

2016 – the prediction of a vulnerability

2017 – the announcement of the vulnerability

2017 – some more intel me mei amt rpat tools

intel me mei


RADMIN have a Intel AMT KVM viewer you can try to remote control your PC