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some alt alt #gnu / #linux #distros (inc non #systemd)

alt alt gnu/linux distros (inc non-systemd)

alt alt gnu/linux downloads


distrowatch relative popularity

i like this quote from voidlinux

Void Linux is an independent distribution, developed entirely by volunteers. Unlike trillions of other existing distros, Void is not a modification of an existing distribution. Void’s package manager and build system have been written from scratch.


goog analytics goog optimise now available

goog analytics goog optimise now available

there are now two versions of goog optimize

There are now two versions of Google Optimize. Optimize is a free product that allows you to get started with experimentation. Optimize 360 is a premium testing and personalization tool for the enterprise that is part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

some more about A B tests

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