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misc free @webdev and @android resources from @sitepoint

misc free @webdev and @android resources from @sitepoint



free @git education resources from @sitepoint

free @git resources from @sitepoint

free python resources from @sitepoint

free python resources from @sitepoint

][ @123reg now have a domain backordering service for £50-£60

][ @123reg now have a domain backordering service for £50-£60 if you are fed up watching and waiting for domains to expire

7.1. 123 Reg offers a backorder service for already registered domains (‘the Backorder Service’ and ‘Backorder’ shall be construed accordingly) which attempts to automatically register a domain (‘the Backorder Domain’) on behalf of the Client if and when the Backorder Domain becomes available for registration by the general public. Such availability would be following any applicable Grace and/or Redemption Periods.

7.2. The Backorder Service is only available on selected domain extensions as specified on 123 Reg’s website.

7.3. The Client will be advised of an estimated availability date via the Client’s control panel, however, such date is an estimate only and 123 Reg shall not be responsible for any inaccuracy in the estimated date.

7.4. Payment for successful Backorders must be made by the Client within 28 days of confirmation of the same failing which the Backorder Domain will be removed from the Client’s control panel and 123 Reg shall be entitled to deal with the Backorder Domain as it deems appropriate.

shodan – the search engine for #IOT

shodan – the search engine for #IOT, factorys, fridges, power stations and webcams

and paulsec has written a ff plugin that uses shodan to show you the open ports on the website you are looking at