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microsoft mcse refresh

is it time for a microsoft mcse refresh

after youve paid for your training you can access it here (using IE or EDGE only)

windows 10 enterprise CB or windows 10 enterprise LTSB releases #sysadmin ?

windows 10 enterprise cb or windows 10 enterprise ltsb

seems to be a similar idea to the ubuntu regular (CB) and ubuntu long term support (LTS) releases so if you choose a non lts or non ltsb releases you will get newer (and less stable) features more often and more quickly

for production use id always stick with a LTS or LTSB release

goog run out of ideas and copy ms office 360 naming convention for goog analytics 360

goog run out of ideas and copy ms office 360 naming conventionfor goog analytics 360

also new on are

  • mysql connectors
  • postgres connectors
  • demo account featuring real goog shop data
  • and a solutions gallery starter bundle

ms windows 7 and ms windows 10 system repair discs, system image backups and media ids #gotcha

It would seem that ms windows 7 and ms windows 10 backup writes a media id to the System Repair Disc CD/DVD it creates and puts the same media id in the system image subdirectory in WindowsImageBackup\MACHINENAME\ to LOCK the windows System Repair Disc CD/DVD with the USB disk System Image backup/restore disk you are creating.

ie if you lose the original System Repair Disc CD/DVD you CANNOT restore from your USB System Image with a different/new System Repair Disc CD/DVD

Possible workarounds:

  • Always keep MATCHING CD/DVD disc and USB disk drive backups together


  • Install a clean Windows 7 or 10 on target machine
  • Create a NEW System Repair Disc CD/DVD
  • Create a NEW USB System Image
  • Copy MediaId file from NEW USB System Image to OLD USB System Image
  • Boot from new System Repair Disc CD/DVD with OLD USB System Image