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new goog #analytics features including account moving

new goog #analytics features

you can now move analytics accounts/propertys

you can now analyse extra events

theres now a free version of the enterprise-class analytics testing and personalization product


free microsoft #azure #devops and #windows10 training from #mva

free microsoft azure devops and windows 10 training from mva

dot eu domain names have changed #idna2003 #idna2008

dot eu domain names have changed

Following the amendment of EC Regulation 874/2004, on 6 May 2015 EURid introduced a revised mechanism for handling Internationalised Domain Names containing non-ASCII characters (shift from IDNA2003 to IDNA2008) as well as the so-called “homoglyph bundling”.

.eu domain names that have been registered

  •     with hyphens in the second, third and fourth position, or
  •     with “ŀ” (L followed by middle dot but not followed by a subsequent L), or
  •     with “ı” (dotless i)

are no longer supported.