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yum priorities override

you can override yum priorities by using enablerepo to force a yum rpm repo with a lower (higher value) priority to be included for example if epel priority=10 and remi priority=20 you can include packages from the remi yum repo with

# yum check-update --enablerepo=remi

oracle #gnu/#linux 6 #php 5.4 yum repos

oracle #gnu/#linux 6 (& centos 6 & red hat 6) #php 5.4 is available in yum repos provided by remi and webtatic

#mysql #unixtime quirk unixtime(123) = 01:02:03

#mysql #unixtime quirk unixtime(123) = 01:02:03

mysql> select from_unixtime(0);
| from_unixtime(0)    |
| 1970-01-01 01:00:00 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select from_unixtime(123);
| from_unixtime(123)  |
| 1970-01-01 01:02:03 |
1 row in set (0.01 sec)

XML 2 DTD and XML 2 XSD converters


If you are playing with REST web services (such as using a tool that requires DTD or XSDs (such as JitterBit) then you might find these XML to DTD and XML to XSD converters useful:

Note to run XML Schema Learner you’ll need to
# yum install php-cli php-xml

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#centos 6 #oracle-linux 6 #red-hat 6 #xfce open source desktop install using #fedora #epel

centos 6 oracle-linux 6 red hat enterprise linux 6 can all use the #xfce desktop if you install #fedora #epel

  • install redhat fedora epel yum repo
  • yum install xorg-x11-xdm
  • yum install xfdesktop xfce-utils


  • yum groupinstall “X Window System” XFCE


  • logout
  • login
  • choose xfce from session combo at bottom of screen

welcome to your new xfce desktop

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#apache access_log and error_log log files

apache access_log and error_log files, logformat and errorlogformat directives

apache 2.2

apache 2.4